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Working With Athletes

Gravitational Performance

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Enhancing Mental Performance

Many athletes today are hearing about mental performance and tuning into the importance of it, but have little knowledge behind it. Therefore we provide EDUCATION in enhanced mental performance. By implementing proven, scientific research, we have developed an education platform that assists athletes to incorporate education and implementation of training programs. Bettering yourself, comes from having an understanding of what and how things work. Continued education is not just for students! Cheryl McCormick has many years in education and throughout her gained experience, she is among the best to provide this educational platform that teaches athletes of "why" they need this knowledge in their sport careers. 

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Implementing Injury Prevention Training and Rehabilitation Mental Technique

Just think about it. Athletes are prone to injury every time they enter the training field. The problem is that many athletes do not know how to properly train themselves to reduce injury from occurring. This process can be incredibly difficult for many, as sports allows athletes to twist and turn their body in unnatural ways. And, to add to this, coaches do not always have the time to incorporate extra training into their daily practices. What Cheryl McCormick provides is training programs that can be implemented into a regular training day schedule. It is extremely important for athletes to take care of their longevity, first, and in doing so, athletes can be rewarded with the ability to perform at best while reducing injury from occurring. Included in this process, is the learning of how to incorporate injured athletes into weekly team training, while undergoing rehabilitation from an injury. This ensures that injured athletes do not develop a mental health complication and feel left out of their sport while recovering.

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Defining Your Gaming Experience

Why do athletes play sports? Why do coaches coach sports? What is the importance of nutrition? Why do athletes need rest and recovery? Why is mental mindset a trending topic today in sports? All of these are common questions that have great answers. Cheryl McCormick consults athletes among topics like these, to develop, alter, or enhance one's knowledge in their own, personal identity and experience in sports. And, nutrition is always a key topic for athletes to focus on, especially for those who desire to compete further in life. Cheryl provides athletes with nutritional guidance through education, while offering nutrition advice for competing athletes. This provides athletes with take-away-knowledge that can be applied throughout life!

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