Welcome to the Lecture Hall

  • Our lectures provide individuals with education among topics that present specific information on a particular subject that is used to inform or expand on knowledge or further interest. If you are a professional in the sports sciences: Sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports psychology, athletic training, sports agent, athletic department, coaching, athlete, manager, and more, you are in the right place! We offer lectures covering all topics related to sports: Professional, collegiate, and youth levels, and at all ages. But, our education stems further than just the Game, itself.

  • Our purpose is to provide professionals and aspiring students with lectures that one can take in an hour, to retrieve updated information, or used as a refresher course to increase knowledge in a specific area. Our lectures are a great stepping stone for students who desire to become a professional in the sport sector.

  • Our Lecture Hall is $75.00 for 6 months, and will provide you with immediate access to several lectures in each section. New lectures are produced every month for your viewing and some lectures will have a downloadable PDF document that you can use to refer back to.

  • Our lectures are not just videos that you watch, rather, we have designed them for individuals to participate in while watching the lecture. This means, they are hands on and some will have you follow the steps during the lecture to get a better and more accurate understanding of the subject being taught.

  • We look forward to providing you with outstanding and quality information in sports science!