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WEEK 1: Getting Started: Learn about mental performance & integrating mental training into  your sport performance

  • We will focus on internal & external motivation, self-confidence, emotion control, concentration, and focus. Practice skills & technique training!

WEEK 2: Develop your off-season & in-season sports goals the right way!

  • Learn McCormick's SMART Goal Method, and design your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal plan for your sport season. Practice skills & technique training!

WEEK 3: Understand the importance of food and nutrient timing for high performers.

  • Learn about the food pyramid and why we focus on it in sports, the need for nutrients, and why nutrient timing is essential for athletes!

Guest Speaker!

WEEK 4: Negative self-talk (NST) & positive self-talk (PST)

  • We will identify NST and PST and how to use them, focusing on the effects of retrospection, using imagery as a relaxation tool to increase performance and reduce PST, and developing a self-talk log to modify distorted thinking patterns. Practice skills & technique training! 

WEEK 5: Enhancing performance with imagery

  • Athletes will learn if they have Aphantasia and how to produce imagery, use polysensory experiences to paint the perfect mental picture and enhance controllability and vividness training. Practice skills & technique training!

Guest Speaker!

WEEK 6: Rest and recover the mind & body

  • We are closing by identifying the most essential aspects of R&R: Nutrition and hydration; psychological skill training (PST); Therapeutic modalities; Active recovery; And sleep. Practice skills & technique training! 

Guest Speaker!

Weekly Outlook

Cheryl McCormick was a former athlete in 4 sports and has been a sports professional for over 14 years. She started Gravitational Performance in 2008 and provided consulting services in sports nutrition, sports medicine concepts, and sports science. It was years later, after obtaining her double master's degree, that she learned the importance of psychology in sports performance and the importance of implementing mental performance training, like imagery training to reduce PST and performance anxiety among athletes and high performers in various training platforms. Cheryl has been part of several national webinars and roundtable events for years. She has collaborated with other sports professionals on topics such as getting back to play post-COVID-19 era, decreasing burnout in high-performance industries, the coach-athlete-and-parent relationship in sports, and much more! She has been interviewed for several podcasts and published in the most popular sports academic platforms, such as The Sport Digest and NSCA Academic Abstracts. Cheryl has coached college coaches like the University of Houston's former head soccer coach. Today, she is the Director of Mental Performance for Olympic Track Coach Jeremy Fischer's sports organization, MVP. She is also an instructional and educational athlete and coaching expert, an adjunct professor of sport psychology at UHV, an academic writer and class developer, and a board member for the NC State Advisory for the NSCA. Coach McCormick is currently a doctoral student obtaining her Ed.D. in Sports Management. She holds a Bachelor's in Sports Science and Sports Studies and has a Double Masters Degree in Sports Science and Sports Medicine with an Emphasis in Sports Psychology. Cheryl works as a Performance Coordinator at a high school in Southern California, Elite Academic Academy. She provides mental performance training, goal implementation, and leadership training to Elite's students. She aims to allow all sports individuals to learn and grow through her performance training programs while implementing today's latest research and technologies in the sports industry!

Cheryl McCormick.jpeg

Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S.

Sport Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor of Sport Psychology

About the Mental Training Camp

This online camp is available for ALL athletes and military personnel. Mental performance training is suitable for individuals starting from the ages of 10 on up.  Coaches interested in coaching classes that teach many of these concepts, please get in touch with Coach Cheryl McCormick at

Coaches, please forward this information to your athlete's parents.  

Please register for the camp FIRST, and then make your payment. Payments are due upon registration. Your spot will not be held for you if payment is not made. 



Best Value

2023 Summer Camp



Limited Space Available. Hurry & Sign Up!

Valid until canceled

I'm a Benefit

I'm a Benefit

I'm a Benefit

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