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Sports Instructional & Educational Consulting for College Coaches

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Far to many people believe that sports would not exist without the athletes, and for this, we focus much of our attention on maximizing athletes sport performance. However, Cheryl McCormick believes that the first step in making an athlete, excellent, is to work with the coaches,  first! This means that coaches should be "coached" to continue learning and improving their expertise to be the best coach for their athletes. 

Cheryl McCormick works independently with college coaches by assessing them in season and off season, by developing educational modules that are designed specifically for each individual coach. These modules focus on what the coach needs at that moment, to get through their week in coaching, traveling, and personal and environmental stressors that can impact their leadership and coaching performance. 

If You Are Interested in Working With Cheryl McCormick, Please Send a Message to Her

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