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Gravitational Performance School of Sports Science


With a unique background in sports education, Cheryl McCormick offers quality consulting in education for college coaches with enhanced development in both mental & physical performance among oneself and athletes. Specifically tailored for each coach, Cheryl's goals are to bring out the best in each coach during their most challenging times in their sport season.

"Most coaches that I work with have very little time for themselves let alone their families. The ability to continue carrying for oneself in a busy sport season can lead coaches to sickness and burnout. And, this can cause internal stress among immediate family members. And, if the list isn't long enough, athletes can see when a coach is mentally distracted."

Cheryl McCormick has worked with several coaches and is currently working with The University of Houston's Head Soccer Coach, Diego Bocanegra. If interested in working with her, send her an email to

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Welcome to the School of Sports Science

This section of the school is home to all of our new courses that we offer everyone! In here, you can find courses that can assist you in:

  • Coaching dynamics

  • Athletic participation

  • Athlete skills & technique training

  • Game plan development for coaches

  • Guidance for parents of athletes

  • How to develop academic curriculum

  • And, much more!


The lecture hall is designed to provide current students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree with a focus in sports. To get the most out of these lectures, I encourage students to be no younger than a junior in high school. This process can help you decide what interests you have in the sport community, and will assist you in the process of identifying a degree path. All lectures are available upon a 4-month subscription (1 semester). The Lecture Hall is where all of our purchased learning modules are housed (for coaches, athletes, students, and parents of athletes).  

"I recommend for juniors and senior high school students to jump on board and take my lectures. This will help you as you begin to transition into college, and make it easier to decide if a sports related degree path is suitable for you! This Lecture Hall is perfect for individuals who are currently working on their undergraduate degree and or graduate degree."

A list of degrees that can benefit from The Lecture Hall are:

  • Sports Scientist

  • Sports Nutritionist

  • Sports Medicine

  • Sports Psychology

  • Sports Studies

  • Sports Agent

  • Sports Marketing and more!


Today, parents are a hot topic in youth sports. Coaches want parents to jump on board and be as much of a support as they can for their student athletes, but, many parents have little time, knowledge, or experience in sports. Therefore, Cheryl McCormick works with all parents of athletes by educating them of the important aspects as a sports parent and how to best support and manage their young student athlete.


The best coaches in sports are those who are continued learners in their disciplines. For this, we offer top notch consulting and education for all coaches at all levels of sports. 

"Think about this. You have worked so hard, all of these years to get where you are today as a coach. You have put in an incredible amount of time with your athletes, in hopes to get them to their fullest potential. Some, you've sent off to college sport, meanwhile others are still working with you to pursue their dreams. You give 100% to your athletes, you give 100% to your assistant coaches, you give 100% to your athletic department, you give 100% to the parents of the athletes, however, you are not giving 100% to yourself or your family. Year after year, you continue on a winning streak, but little do you realize that the job is beginning to wear on you. Your athletes begin to see your short fuse, and your now struggling each day with your family. When is the last time you took care of your performance? I've witnessed this problem with so many coaches, all at various levels of sport. Some, think they have all of the answers, meanwhile others simply think, they just don't have the time to continue learning. However, the problem is, if you don't put in the same efforts as you do with your athletes and supportive staff, why should your athletes put the trust into you? My goal is to keep you at your 100% while adding the 'you' time in there!"


We offer consulting and education services for all athletes in all sports. Because athletes need to know how to handle themselves in challenging situations, both mentally and physically, Cheryl McCormick works to assist athletes in this process and throughout their athletic careers.

"Learning how to regulate emotions, mindset, rest and recovery, nutrition, and performance, while juggling all other aspects of your busy life, can be extremely difficult if you have no idea how to do it! My goal with you is for you to develop motivation and self-discipline, that will encourage you through this process while enhancing your academic and athletic careers." 

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