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Mental Consulting Through Imagery

With the latest discoveries in neuroscience, sports psychology has laid the foundation for athletes to tap into their mental performance game and utilize all the benefits that imagery offers in and out of sport. Thoughts and emotions are feelings that navigate an athlete during sport performance, and can either lead an athlete to success, or drive them towards a loss. When an athlete is worried about performing, these mental distractions become barriers that block maximal performance. But, when Gravitational Performance works through these barriers with athletes, they see, success!

            For this, we are inspired to Educate, Motivate, and Drive. Educate our athletes to understand the importance of sports science and the mental game, to motivate our athlete to perform their best physical performance in sport and drive our athletes to the top! We primarily focus on the sports medicine aspect of mental performance through injury prevention and rehabilitation in sport.


  • Imagery: It is the ability to create or re-create a scenario or experience in the mind. When athletes engage in vivid imagery, research has proven that they are able to interpret these images as identical to the actual stimulus situation.

Sports Nutrition Consulting

This process provides individuals with a clear understanding and knowledge of what nutrition provides for fitness goers and athletes and helps adjust one's knowledge accordingly. 

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Student Educational Consulting

This service is designed to work with all individuals transitioning from high school to college and college to the professional sector. We cover all aspects listed in our services, and many more!

Sports Medicine


This process educates students, coaches, athletes, and parents with knowledge among topics like injury prevention and rehabilitation training for athletes to return to play. 

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