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Published Works by: Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S.

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The Pandemic's Impact on Parents of Student Ahtletes

"While listening to a lecture that Dr. Jordan Metzl, “a sports medicine physician in New York City,” conducted on the topic of COVID-19 and the sport community, I started to think about the negative repercussions that parents are experiencing from having their young athletes removed from sports."

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Out With The Old Resolutions, In With The New Year Goals

"Many individuals are unaware of the differences between resolutions and goals. New Year’s resolution planning is the process during which people undergo mental preparation and start making a list of things that are most important to change in the New Year. To be successful in accomplishing resolutions, goals should be implemented throughout the resolution process."

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A Guide for Parents of Young Athletes

"Most youth sport professionals have either heard of stories about difficult parents acting out during their child athletes sport competition, meanwhile many coaches in youth sports have witnessed it firsthand. Let’s face it, sports bring about competition not only for the athletes, but also the parents who support their athletes from the sidelines. However, we must consider the nature of sports are to bring about healthy sport competition, not the other way around."

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Adopting A Preventative Mindset

By Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S. and Dr. William Stokes |

"For military and elite athletes alike, an injury that restricts deployment and or sidelines a game, can be an exceedingly difficult hurdle to overcome. For both the tactical and sport athlete, for many years the traditional purpose has been best performance, completing regimented training and testing regulations to qualify and support peak physical performance. "

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Breathing Through The Holidays

"As we approach one of the biggest holidays of the year, a common mistake that individuals make is being overly consumed in the season of giving. Those individuals who are competitive athletes in school, endure loads of stress from balancing school life with sports life and let us not forget, athletes must maintain physical fitness during the holiday season, while on break, visiting family and friends."

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Breast Cancer and Exercise

"Regular physical activity and/or exercise are important in maintaining one’s health. Further, the benefits of exercise extend to impact breast cancer in many ways.

The risk of developing breast cancer is reduced for those who are more active by 12-21%, according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s systematic review. "

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This Memorial Day, Let's Celebrate Our Tactical Athletes

"When it comes to a performance pyramid, soldiers must learn, train, and perform like elite athletes. These tactical athletes must continuously adapt, learn, and exert focus within a winning culture. Furthermore, tactical athletes must have a burning desire to compete within their job and to fight with pride for their country. Soldiers, like athletes, want to win and winning is what makes us proud!" 

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Athlete & Tactical Athlete Interviews


Lionel Brown (L-Train)

IFBB Professional


In this interview, we discuss mental obstacles as a professional bodybuilder, and ways to defeat mental health complications


Christopher McCormick

MARSOC Special Operations

In this interview, we discuss mental obstacles, decompression, various stressors from the job, and much more!

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