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Welcome to Gravitational Performance School of Sports Science Online Courses!

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As a professional class development writer, Cheryl McCormick has created college prep classes at the high school and collegiate level in education within the disciplines of sports science and sports studies. She has also created coaching certifications for other organizations. Her professional career has allowed her to stay focused as a sports research scientist, as it provides her students with an opportunity to learn from the most recent research in the industry. Her goals are to deliver top notch education for all individuals who want to be the best in the sport industry, while making it accessible and affordable for everyone through her organization! 

CP 100-The Starting Principles To Sports Coaching

Course Description: This self-paced course is designed to assist newer coaches that are interested in learning important principles in coaching sports teams. This course will provide coaches (at all levels) the basic fundamentals through 4 sections: Coaching Introduction; Athletes First; Coach Second; and Learning Your Sport: Formal Education. Additionally, this course will help you gain the confidence that you need as a coach without the fear of not knowing important factors to consider- like psychological aspects among athletic performance.

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CD 101: Fundamentals of Curriculum Development

Course Description: Fundamentals of curriculum development- CD 101 is a self-paced, 1 month, instructor led, fully online course that is hosted through Gravitational Performance. Each week, provides a new topic applicable for all experience levels- those who aspire to become online educators, content developers for education, and much more!

Connection to Practice: 

  • General knowledge of curriculum development that can assist seasonal veterans, and new and upcoming developers who have yet to work in this environment. An undergraduate degree and or master's degree is required for academic development- although this may vary among different institutions. 

  • Tools that can assist students in the process of developing an online class within one's discipline. 

  • Techniques that assist in the enhancement process for development of class content. 

  • Guidance for students while developing one's final outline of a model online class. 

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Course Description: This course is a 2 week, self-paced, instructor-led course that is designed to assist high school and college coaches with a base foundation that sets the tone at the beginning of a sport season. This means that, this course offers the basics that assist coaches in making sure the most important areas are covered at the opening of a season- to ensure athlete potential and overall health, wellness, and success of all athletes. 

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