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About CP 100: The Starting Principles To Sports Coaching

This class is closed until the Late Fall, 2022. Please Pre-enroll by adding your name to our waitlist in the form listed below!


Course Description: This self-paced course is designed to assist newer coaches that are interested in learning important principles in coaching sports teams. This course will provide coaches (at all levels) the basic fundamentals through 4 sections: Coaching Introduction; Athletes First; Coach Second; and Learning Your Sport: Formal Education. Additionally, this course will help you gain the confidence that you need as a coach without the fear of not knowing important factors to consider- like psychological aspects among athletic performance.

Course Level Objectives

In this course, coaches will be able to:

  1. Identify what coaching is

  2. Develop your coaching methodology and your "why" 

  3. Focus on your athletes, first, and yourself, second

  4. Identify important and key fundamentals in communication, leadership, trust, support, and feedback

  5. Incorporate your teaching philosophy 

  6. You will learn that time management and self-discipline go hand in hand in your work

  7. Incorporate your coaching skills: Look, listen, empathize, question, feedback, intuition, and verify

  8. Discover the most important aspects in sport through formal education: Sport performance, psychological aspects in sport, sports medicine, sports nutrition, and much more!

Connections to Practice

  • Course provides general knowledge of curriculum that assists coaches at all ages and levels of sport who are new to the industry or seasoned coaches who have been in the sports arena for many years.

  • Tools and techniques are introduced in this course to help guide coaches among important areas to develop among individuals and team sports, and coaches!

  • Self-paced learning, because let's face it, coaches are busy working other jobs AND coaching a team of athletes! No need to feel rushed with projects, however, developing projects in this course IS intended for YOUR learning desire and can be implemented into your coaching practice!


Once the final section of this class is developed, we will promote an early/discounted coupon price for the first month of sign-ups! Thereafter, this course will have a concrete price. Please note, most of our courses will be discounted throughout the year (holiday specials, etc.), therefore it is best to sign up on our subscribers list to receive emails of when courses are discounted! 


Because this class is currently being designed, there is no registration information at this time. HOWEVER, you can jump ahead and enter your email address by clicking the button below, to let us know that you are interested in taking this course. All individuals who sign up through this method (while the course is being finalized), will be the first one's to become aware of the early-bird prices! So, take advantage of this opportunity and don't miss out! 

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