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Cheryl McCormick

Gravitational Performance

Founder & Owner

Sports Research Scientist, Instructional & Educational Coaching Expert, & Educational Content Developer


B.S.S. Sports Science & Sports Studies
M.S.S. Sports Science & Sports Medicine w/
emphasis in Sports Psychology
Ed.D. Student: Sports Management w/ emphasis in Sports Coaching




B.S.S. Bachelor’s in Sports Science & Sports Studies

M.S.S. (Honors) Master’s in Sports Science & Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Sports Psychology

Current Doctoral Student (Ed.D.) Sports Management with an emphasis in Sports Coaching and a specialization in Sports Marketing



McCormick, C., & Stokes, W. (2022, July 5). Adopting a Preventative Mindset. 

McCormick, C. (2022, May 27). Celebrate Tactical Athletes this Memorial Day.

McCormick, C. (2022, July 08). “Predictors of Max Sprint Speed in Professional Male Soccer Athletes” Lead Presenter: McCormick, Cheryl, M.S.S.; Author: Herron, Robert, M.A.; Author: Casey, Jason, PhD; Author: Ryan, Greg; Author: Ramirez, Hannah; Author: Horsfall, Cameron; Author: DeJohn, Drew.

McCormick, C. (2021). A Guide for Parents of Young Athletes. 

McCormick, C. (2021). Breast cancer and exercise. 

McCormick, C. (2021). Out with the old resolutions, in with the new year goals.

McCormick, C. (2021). The pandemic’s impact on parents of student athletes.

McCormick, C. (2020). Breathing through the holidays.

McCormick, C. (2020). Applying Mental Mindset Techniques to Enhance Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sport (Master’s Thesis).

McCormick, C. (2020). Does sport participation increase moral development?

McCormick, C. (2020). What are the causes of sports injuries?

McCormick, C. (2020). How can stress cause injury in sports?

McCormick, C. (2019). How does injury affect sports performance?



NC State Board Advisor Member for NSCA

Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Member

International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), Member

USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach (USATF), Certified Coach



Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Licensed in California & NC


Personal Training

Sports Nutrition



Cheryl McCormick has been in the sport community since the age of eleven. She played competitively until her sophomore year in college. Growing up as an athlete, she enjoyed running track and cross country and playing basketball and participating in cheerleading. It was the love for the Game that kept Cheryl participating year after year, which led her to win several awards like MVP titles, awarded NCAA flyer in Cheer, regional qualifier in track, and receiving athlete of the year. However, what Cheryl took away from her sports career is what has paved her way in the sport community today.

Self-discipline is something that Cheryl learned at a very young age in her competitive sports career. It has allowed her to be proactive and stay focused in her education and development of her organization. Today, Cheryl runs Gravitational Performance and School of Sports Science, her sport organization that provides sport professionals with the latest research and education in sports. Along with running her organization, she is currently completing her educational doctorate degree in Sports Management. Her passion in academia has allowed her to develop a unique platform for sport professionals, by providing the latest scientific research among sports performance topics. “As a sports research scientist, I focus my studies and education in three areas: Sports nutrition, sports medicine, and sports psychology. And, among these areas, I specialize in one specific area, neurological aspects in sports performance.”

Presently, Cheryl McCormick works with college coaches around the U.S. as an instructional and educational sport consultant, guiding coaches in both mental and physical performance. “It is my desire to motivate, educate, and guide coaches to be the best version of themselves through in-season and off-season training.” Cheryl has also been published in several articles and several podcasts and roundtable events, while continuing to provide the sport community with insight and knowledge among her areas of focus. Her goals to continue publishing articles are among established organizations and foundations like AASP, NSCA, and ISSN.

Today, Cheryl serves on the NC state advisory board for the NSCA. Her connections throughout her sport career have helped pave the way for her future as a professional sports leader. “I am forever grateful to have such amazing mentors throughout my academic and professional career. It is my goal to continue providing motivation, education, and guidance to all sport professionals to not only better themselves as leaders in the sport community, but to also assist athletes and parents of athletes who strive to be the best!”


Shout out to the best of the best nutritional coaches I've ever come across- Coach McCormick for being so kind to provide me and my athletes with help regarding our eating habits and to share her nutritional knowledge with us...thanks for helping us here in South-Africa with your help, our athletes will be able to reach their full potential and that will take them to a higher level in doing what they do best- From all of us, God Bless!

-Track Coach Deidre Michael

Coach-D Athletics


I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience with Gravitational Performance & Coach McCormick. She has changed my life immensely in so many different areas  – my mental mind set, journaling, exciting moments & stressors, setting short and long term goals for this year  as well as my nutrition, and fitness! I’m on the West Coast & she is on the East but she sends me weekly videos, notes, texts & calls. The long distance doesn’t even matter because it feels like she is right by my side. If anyone is looking for some help in any of these areas – I would in absolutely no doubt recommend her! She deserves more stars than I can count!

-Jacqulyn Stanton

Vice President of Sales

Brad Schmett Real Estate Group


Cheryl is professional and passionate and very knowledgeable about fitness and health all while being a mother of 2 boys and a wife!

-Yesenia Catalano

Cheryl has always been a fit motivated athlete and has always inspired me to do better. I've known her for over 10 years and she has 'Benjamin button syndrome' meaning she gets younger with age. Even after 2 kids! I do anything she says!! She has always supported my green juice business too as she knows the importance of health and balance. Thanks For gravitating my fitness!

-Veronica Wheat Kress

Owner and Founder of Chef V Green Drinks


Cheryl is very professional and helpful when it comes to fitness and eating right! Great person all around and very knowledgeable

-Daniel Osburn


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