About The Organization 

Sports science- who would have known there is science in sport? Yes, like all other things, science lives among the sport community. We are a research based organization that offers educational information assisting athletes, coaches, professionals, parents, universities and others with information that betters athletes and non-athletes performance -both mentally and physically. Topics include: sports psychology; sports nutrition; and sports medicine, with related topics and practices in imagery techniques and visualization; breathing techniques; biofeedback; rehabilitation; injury prevention, and more. Our goal is to provide beneficial information to all clients that will better assist in mental or physical performance. We believe that each individual learns at a different pace and some are more receptive than others- that is okay! Finding purpose to better one's physical and mental performance can also differ from other's. Allowing oneself to master a performance at a measurable level of practice happens through consistency and dedication, but once accomplished it can be extremely rewarding. Mental mindset techniques are similar to physical work being performed at daily sport practice yet, can be difficult for athletes and non-athletes to feel capable and accomplished in this area. For this reason, we firmly believe that communication is key to understand how to witness change and growth. When individuals do not see immediate change from mental mindset techniques, it can navigate an athlete towards emotionally communicating non-interest. It takes real dedication and goals to achieve mental performance training. Educating individuals of this practice allows for a clear understanding that it does take time and dedication like physical performance, but is something that can change one's physical performance in time. Whether it be breathing techniques to help reduce nerves from a foggy perspective or imagery techniques to reduce performance anxiety, all our services benefit individuals in and out of sport and at all levels and ages.