About The Organization 


Founded in 2008 
Gravitational Performance originally opened its services as a consulting sport organization. Today, the organization has expanded its consulting services for athletes, coaches, parents of athletes, and all other sport professionals, at all levels and ages of sport. 

The Founder and owner of gravitational performance, cheryl mccormick, continues her research and education, while connecting with universities and coaches around the united states. Her goal is to maintain an Ivy League Status by providing the organization's customers with the latest and up-to-date knowledge on trending topics in the sport industry. 

What The Organization Can Provide you with
Along with thorough research in sports studies, gravitational performance offers a unique perspective for coaches to enhance their knowledge and the way they think and implement training for their athletes. meanwhile, The organization works with athletes by educating them through sports science, by implementing various methodologies, techniques, and assessments, that cover a broad scope of topics, to enhance one's overall mental and physical sport performance. Unlike other sport organizations, gravitational performance works among several disciplines that sets our coaches, athletes, and parents apart from others in the sport industry.