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Dear readers,

First of all, thank you for showing your support and interest in purchasing my interactive online journal! As my dear friends and family have known, owning a journal publication has always been a dream of mine, and I am so excited to see my dreams come true!

Now, you might be wondering what this "interactive" means, so let me explain the "what" and "why" of it!

An interactive journal is a publication that has some form of interactive component to it- and in this case, I have included audio to some of the pages. In my next issues, I will be including video. Why? Because I wanted to be unique, and keep your interest. Let's face it, not everyone likes to read or has time available to read everything, therefore I help you through that! Similar to a podcast recording, but I discuss much  more in a journal than 1 podcast episode. Make sense?

So, I will leave you with this, each issue will be different, but all issues will be focused around the sport and fitness community. This means, the journal will talk about everything that I am passionate about in areas of: Sports psychology, sports nutrition, sports medicine, sports training, coaches, athletes, goal setting, and much more! So, without further ado...

Cheryl McCormick

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Volume 1, Issue 1