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About FS 101: Fundamentals for Coaches:
The Beginning of a Sport Season

This class is closed until the Late Fall, 2022. Please Pre-enroll by adding your name to our waitlist in the form listed below!


This class is intended for coaches to take during off-season training to better be prepared at the beginning of a sport season!

This class provides sports coaches (individuals or team sport) at all ages and levels of sport, with a fully immersed, online experience, with insight that will help you get your sport season started off the right way! In this 2 week, fully-online, instructor-led course, Cheryl McCormick will provide you with insight on various topics that can assist coaches with a proper check list of important topics, skills training, and techniques that can provide athletes with opportunity to best assist them in their competitive sport season. This course can help you learn something new, improve upon your current skills, and leave you feeling confident and ready to master your sport season! Upon successful completion of this course, coaches will walk away with a final project that outlines important topics and "to-do's" that will be implemented into the beginning of athletes training regimens. This course opens up opportunity for coaches to enhance their knowledge and ability to grow in other areas that we will be offering soon. Cheryl McCormick has years of experience, backed with successful working relationships with coaches and athletes around the U.S. Along with this, she has been creating educational content for several years and has been published numerous times. 

Course Level Objectives

In this course, coaches will be able to:

  1. Identify professional growth

  2. Develop a system that works 

  3. Focus athletes on mental and physical development

  4. Encompass team cohesion at the beginning of the sport season & coach to athlete relationship

  5. Incorporate personal growth through assessments, prioritizing personal development, nutrition, mindset, and more

  6. Coaching development- Coaches at all levels of sport can encompass the ability to teach various concepts and skills through effective communication among assistant coaches and athletes

  7. Develop a plan of action to elevate strengths and areas to improve upon

  8. Self-assess among areas like technical knowledge, effective communication, financial budgeting, planning of goals for coaches and athletes, relationship building, decision making managing personal stressors, and more!

Connections to Practice

  • Course provides general knowledge of curriculum that assists coaches at all ages and levels of sport who are new to the industry or seasoned coaches who have been in the sports arena for many years.

  • Tools and techniques are introduced in the this course to help guide coaches among important areas to develop among individual and team building. 

  • Instructor-led guidance that help coaches develop a final projected outline that is used as a checklist at the beginning or every sport season. 


The standard price for all students is $140 for this 2 week class. Currently, we are offering an early enrollment price at $90.00. Once slots fill up, we will no longer be running this discount price. Please subscribe to the organization for future discount coupons and more!


EARLY ENROLLMENT PRICE: Individuals who enroll early, will get our member discount. To get access to this, please enter your email address to be added to the early enrollment list BELOW. Once slots are filled up, early enrollment price will no longer be available. 

Once enrollment opens up, you will be prompt to either sign into your existing account with us, or you will be asked to create a new account.

Follow through with the instructions to sign in or create the account. (If creating a new account, you will be asked to enter your first and last name, followed with an email and password that you will create). Upon approval of this, you will receive an email asking you to visit the website to complete your purchase. 

Next, you can click on the direct link to the website (in the email confirmation with a picture of a green envelope), and login with your email and password and then continue to your purchase of this course. 

Once you purchase, you will receive an email directly from Cheryl McCormick, that will work out a start date for your course! 

Welcome aboard! 

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