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How to take a class, and stay in the class!

A message from your professor

Take a course, and stay in the course!

This process can be difficult. But, why?

Because life happens. Because confusion happens. Because of lack of motivation. Because of uncertainty. And, just because, one minute you are inspired from seeing something online, or hearing about it and you might be excited to try something new, and the next, you might lose that very motivation that got you there.

Therefore, make sure when you sign up for a class, a commitment, anything that requires your attention and time, it is an absolute goal of yours!

If it is a goal of yours, to take online classes or go to school, it is my assumption that you want to be successful throughout the process! This also means that applying yourself to your learning will take a lot of your attention and time, and likely interfere with other obligations. You will have to prioritize.This means that you are likely going to cancel fun times and outings with friends and family, so you can be productive in your learning process. And, keep in mind, you should be just as successful in your education, as you would be in anything else that you apply yourself to. This is the positive mindset that should be encouraged if you wish to go to school- whether it is online or in person.  

These questions are very important to ask yourself before committing to education:

Why are you taking an online class or going to school?

What will your classes offer you?

Will your classes motivate you to do better?

Will your classes inspire you to take more classes?

Are your classes attainable for you?

Will your classes demand too much from you?

So, let me tell you this, when you pay for a class on your own, money out of your own pocket, the purpose should be the same as if you were getting a student loan or a scholarship: To be successful, earn a degree, start a new career, or continue education. Remember your purpose for taking a class or going to school- It is to learn and to earn an education. The classes you take should increase your awareness or knowledge and enhance your desire to be great in the discipline you are learning or going to contribute your time in. The class should motivate you and challenge you in ways that you have not been challenged before. The class should also provide you with new skills or techniques that you can apply, but overall, it should provide you with an education.

Remind yourself, a quick way to fall out of a class and education, is when your primary goal is to show a piece of paper, a certificate, or degree to people for bragging rights.  It takes a lot of dedication on your behalf to be successful in academic studies. So, are you ready to learn?

-Coach Cheryl McCormick

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