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You have now moved onto "the What" section. This section covers three important areas: Communication, Patience, and focus. Please keep in mind throughout your reading and while watching the video, that you should consider yourself in this situation. Afterall, this is about you and YOUR transition- nobody else. 

Assignment: For this section, I would like you to do the same thing as "THE WHY" section. In a word document answer these questions, and save the document as a word.doc titled "My What." When you complete this, email the word.doc to, attention Professor McCormick

1. How often do you effectively communicate at home (with your parents, friends, etc.)?

2. If you are not good at communicating, how will you go about improving this areas- especially knowing that it is critical in your growth, moving forward?

3. Do you feel that you are a patient person? How do you react in situations that are out of your control, or times that make you made? Provide examples-

4. How can you expand on your patience moving forward- to be better at this?

5. Do you stay focused during school and sports? how will you maintain this process or how will you improve this moving forward into college?

Welcome to our Mini Class HS-100

Purpose of this course is to help you through transition process from high school to college (academics & sports)


Instructions for this course

This section provides you with directions to navigate through course classroom


A video message & survey from your professor

A brief introduction of your professor


Let's get started!

-The Why

-The What

-The How


Next Steps

Mini Quiz, extended resources, and what to look for in the next Mini HS Class 101


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