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Mental & Physical Stressors

This is an area that a lot of athletes tend to close communication to. However, it is important for all sport professionals to know when stressors impact an athlete- so we can quickly turn it around. Stressors come in many forms and can hinder your ability as an athlete to perform on and off the field. 

1.0: Relationship Problems and Athletic Performance

1.2: Perfectionism

Often times, we whiteness many life experiences that can bring us down. Things that can take us away from physical practice in our sport- like friend and relationship problems, family troubles, academic issues, and more. And, without identifying problematic areas, these stressors can impact daily performance, thus causing you to continuously fail in your sport. My goal for you is to be able to identify when you have stressors that impact your performance, so you can find ways to work through them and be the best at your performance. 

Perfectionism is among many of us, it has both good and bad aspects to it. While watching this quick 10 minute video, I would like you to examine what type of perfectionist you are and how you can gain control of it while creating healthy boundaries. Take notes in your journal log book and keep track of your perfectionism. Ask yourself questions like: Are you playing your sport for yourself or for your parents or coach? Are you proud of yourself during a poor performance or are you upset because your coach was not happy with your performance? Do you believe in yourself and are you realistic with your performance abilities?

Understanding Fear in Sports Performance: Press Play to Follow Along with Each Slide: 

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