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Start:Welcome to your first section in this class. I am glad that you have made it this far! So, let's get started! What I would like you to do is engage yourself in everything that I have developed on here for you. This means, watch all of the videos, and do all of the assignments and reading for each section. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of this class. 

To get started, Watch the first video below, then scroll down and read the newspaper I've designed for you. It is this sections reading and will provide you with all of "The Why." Next, scroll down, and watch the next video. It will sum up what you should have obtained from your reading. The very last section is a write up that ties everything together in this section. It is not recommended, but you are welcome to read it if you need to! Remember, all pdf's are listed for you to download- which include every document I have developed for you in this class.


Assignment: After you have completed the readings and videos for this section "The Why" please sit, and think about these questions that I will have you answer, and really put some thought into them. 


open up a new word document and Title it "Answers for My Why," Put your full name at the top of the document (anywhere is fine). then type your answers to each of these questions in the document. Save as a word.doc "The Why" and email it to attention: Professor McCormick

1. what are some areas that you feel might be problematic for you when you move to college? Examples: Family, homesickness, missing your friends, living with roommates (strangers), not on schedule- Please Provide detail. 

2. what are things that you do not know how to do at this point? Wash your clothes, grocery shop, pump gas, navigate a college campus, cook, etc.?

3. For you, what is the most important information in this section?

4. Do you currently have problems with your mindset- with friends, family, school work, sports, people, etc.? If so, please explain in detail.

5. Why is your mental mindset important? How does it alter your mental and physical performance? Please explain.

Welcome to our Mini Class HS-100

Purpose of this course is to help you through transition process from high school to college (academics & sports)


Instructions for this course

This section provides you with directions to navigate through course classroom


A video message & survey from your professor

A brief introduction of your professor


Let's get started!

-The Why

-The What

-The How


Next Steps

Mini Quiz, extended resources, and what to look for in the next Mini HS Class 101


The Why…



Now that we understand why it is important (from many different perspectives) to take care of your mindset when you move to college, you must be able to identify when these problems occur.

Signs may include:

  • Homesickness, unable to cope with stress from moving away

  • Lack of friends

  • Roommate challenges

  • Lack of proper nutrition

  • Lack of sleep

  • Non-motivated to study and or participate in your sport, and much more.

Because doubt and uncertainty are inevitable during this big transition, be sure to understand that your parents will not be there to encourage you to study, wake up, or even go to class. Identify that, no-one will hold your hand in any of the transition process (while you are in college). Identify that unlike high school, you will have fewer hours in school, yet MUCH more work and studying to do. The expectations are much higher to pass your classes (especially if you wish to continue playing sports), and if you do not pass your classes, it can become very costly in terms of educational opportunities and non-refundable money. Also, keep in mind, that if you attend school on a full ride athletic scholarship and you begin to fail your semester of classes, you can loose your scholarship, which can also mean that you can be put on academic probation and potentially loose the scholarship and must find another way to pay for college. Therefore, it is imperative that you work hard in high school to understand how important it is to work on transitioning before you move away to college.

Why is it important to work on adapting to these changes before you move to college? And, is it just as important if your college is in the same area that you grew up in (which means you might not need to move away from home)? The answer to this is, yes. It is just as important- Although, you might not be moving away just yet, your schedule will change, and hopes are that if you are going to pursue a college education, your parents will motivate you to continue growing and becoming an independent young-adult.

More reasons that identify why it is important to work on these changes before moving away to college:

  • You will understand how to grocery shop for yourself

  • You will learn how to navigate around your kitchen and use items like an oven, stove, and utensils that you might not understand how to use

  • You will know how to do your own laundry

  • You will learn how to respect your personal belongings by keeping clean and staying organized

  • You will have less stress if you learn to be organized by having a system in place.

  • You will be responsible enough to wake up on your own without needing your parents to do this for you

  • You will understand how important it is to eat a proper, nutritious breakfast (and all other meals) that will better assist your mental and physical performance on school days!

Organization should be something that you grow comfortable with at a young age. Understanding where you put your bills, important documents, and schoolwork will keep you from breaking down when you need to access these documents. And, having a calendar log book that you can write in every week to keep track of classes, assignments, homework, studying, sport practice, and more, are just as important to keep organized. We will focus on “How” to do these things in “The How” section.

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