The Imagery Coloring Books

Being among the first professionals in the sport community to develop an imagery coloring book for sport purpose, our goals are to help you achieve your optimal performance in sport from mental practice. But, why a coloring book you might ask? Coloring books have been around for a very long time and are known to be therapeutic, calming, relaxing, organizational, and so much more. But, for us, we have imagery in mind. The process unfolds while engaging though each step: this process helps to reveal polysensory experiences that can assist YOU the athlete, in enhanced physical sport performance. By refocusing your brain, you are allowing your normal self-awareness to be drawn towards the activity you are concentrating on- which in this case, is "coloring." Research has shown that art therapy has helped patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, and more, cope with these hindering factors- so why not apply coloring technique to enhance mental and physical performance! 

Each coloring book will guide you though the process in which you are in search for. For example, if you struggle with anxious thoughts before competition or have performance anxiety, there will be directions on each page- per picture. The coloring books are designed to be therapeutic treatments that are targeted on different days throughout the week (think of it like going to your therapy appointment, twice a week). But, you can "color" several times a week, instead of waiting each week for only two appointments! So, let's get started!

To gain access to the coloring book of your sport, please email coach McCormick @ and type "coloring book" in the subject line- also, please indicate what you would like to work towards while using our coloring book.

For the Biker

This imagery coloring book is designed for those individuals and team athletes who competitively race. It can also help those who use stationary bikes at the gym or at home.


For the Distance runner

If you like to hit the trails or that long road in the middle of no-where, this imagery coloring book is for you! It is designed to enhance competitive distance runners. 


For the Track Athlete

If you compete in track and field competitively, this imagery coloring book is for you!