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The Educational Column 

General Information

Gravitational Performance has designed this electronic publishing for those who aspire to be educated with the most recent and up to date articles about sports and fitness: Sports nutrition, sports science, sports medicine, sports marketing, sports studies, sports psychology, and more! Our mission with the Column is to educate those who are passionate about learning or desire to stay up-to-date in the sports sciences. The Educational Column is the online magazine for Gravitational Performance.

Submission Information

  • We welcome articles in all areas mentioned above.

  • All articles can be submitted directly to our email provided below.

  • Articles should be anywhere from 300-500 words

  • We do not edit your work, therefore request that you have made the proper edits necessary for immediate posting. 

  • All articles should be well thought-out and use standard English grammar. Please do not quote other material. If you paraphrase content that is not original work from the writer, please have a reference page. 

  • Most work submitted to Gravitational Performance should be in the Sciences, therefore is requested to be written in standard APA format.

  • Once you submit your work, you give us all rights to display your written material on our website, and others can request permission to quote or paraphrase from your work. 

  • We will never re-submit your work and will never use it anywhere else on the website unless we print a hard copy of the Column for subscribers or purchases. All writers will be notified if printed.

  • Once articles are posted under the Educational Column, it is not used thereafter, unless written request has been emailed/mailed to the original writer and approved. 

  • Work that is not approved will be returned with a reason. 


Reprint Permission​

We give no rights for anyone to re-publish any material listed on the website or under The Educational Column, unless emailed to Gravitational Performance with a request. If you are a student who would like to quote or paraphrase any material provided under the Column for a school project, report, or thesis, please email Gravitational Performance with your request and we will promptly get back to you.

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