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Cheryl McCormick, B.S.S. & M.S.S.

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For most people, we want to take the easy way out. We cut corners, we cheat the system, and we often fail in this process. As athletes and young/adults, my goal for you is that you look inside the person you are today, and work on your purpose that will get you to the end-result that you wish to achieve. 



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How does our behavior influence our daily mental mindset? How does it impact your sport performance, your friendships, your daily performance in school and more? Some days are great days, meanwhile other days can feel horrible. This process can be shifted when we are able to identify what is causing this reaction, each morning that you wake up. Mornings bring you a new opportunity to change yesterday's routine- good and bad!



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A stable morning routine can help your day run smoothly. However, what you deem as "stable" is not always "healthy." The process for most people is to immediately reach for the cell phone (especially those who have social media). It is natural for us to want to see what our friends and followers are doing, what they say to us, or if anyone "liked" our photos. But the truth is, this process can sway your happiness to immediate disappointment. We must always consider toxicity that we place into our daily routines can hinder our ability to perform at best. 



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In this audio recording I discuss the importance of consistency. Now, you might be thinking, well I already know this- yes, however, many people fall short of maintaining consistency through a long process like achieving a long-term goal. Consistency works together with self-discipline- a process that you must have in order to stay consistent and understand your order of importance. 



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This introductory audio recording is to get you started with a basic understanding of why leadership is important in sports. However, this does not mean that everyone can or will be a leader on their sport team! Take-aways from this audio recording are that if you feel that you have leadership qualities as an athlete, lets move forward to understand how we can get you to the next level in leadership!



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in this audio recording we continue discussing leadership roles in sports. I also provide you with 8 takeaways that you can begin implementing into your sport season this year! 

Let's Work Together To Keep You On Track To Become the Best Version Of Yourself, In and Out Of Sport!

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