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"Scientific Topics That Assist in Sport Performance"

This school is designed to assist sport professionals: Coaches, sports medicine, sports trainers, parents, athletes, students going into college, and professionals changing careers, to learn skills that can be implemented among athletes and team sports. Topics may include: Sports nutrition, sports medicine, coaching strategies, coaching methodology, sports ethics, sports marketing, sports psychology, anatomy & physiology, and more!

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If you are a coach, sport professional, or parent, identify the areas below that best fit your needs.

Example: "I am a football coach, that coaches athletes from 13-18 years old in high school, or "I am a sports medicine professional working with adult runners that are part of a running group, or "I am a parent of a 15 year old who plays tennis in high school."

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Next, read below and view what we offer in each of our 4 level class options. To get more information, please navigate to our school website here.

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