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Next, read below and view what we offer in each of our 4 level class options. To get more information, please navigate to our school website here.

Coaching & Sport Professional Education

Coaching and Sport Professional Education- Will include PDF checklists, worksheets, and more, in topics that include all areas of sport performance, including coaching, team cohesion, sports nutrition, mental performance skills training, injury prevention, sport rehabilitation, and much more!

Athlete Education

Athlete Education- Will educate athletes of sports mental performance training, sports nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation methods. Classes will include: Journal log forms, nutrition checklists, and much more!

Parent Education

Parent Education- One of the only organizations who works with parents of athletes. Our class are designed to assist parents with understanding their athlete, how to work with coaches, and implement techniques at home.


Students- Our classes aim for those individuals aspiring to obtain an education in any/all areas of sports. Our classes will offer an abundant amount of information in all areas of sport.

Gravitational Performance

School of Sports Science