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You're thinking about joining the running club. You've never really ran before, other than a few times on that treadmill at the gym. Maybe you ran with the cross country or track team in junior high, but realized it just wasn't your thing. That's okay. A lot of people don't enjoy running, especially at a younger age. It's the "what's in it for me" attitude, and it's far less appealing than going out with friends and eating- whatever you want!

Here is the truth. 

So many individuals begin running when they are older. Older being anywhere from the mid 20's on up! Don't worry, no one is calling you old! In-fact, some individuals who are older in age are actually more physically active and healthier than those in younger age!

Running provides a great outlet for those individuals working to lose weight, for those individuals who need some fresh air and want to utilize the time to get some exercise in, and those individuals who aspire to continue on one's running journey as a former runner. 

My goal is to provide accurate information to those of you who aspire to run or those of you who are avid runners who currently compete. Regardless of your age and stage in running, our research is to provide you with information that can be applied to your running experiences.

Areas may include:

  • Sports medicine- Injury prevention and rehabilitation for runners at all ages and level of sport (and those athletes who run in a different sport: Basketball, football, soccer, etc.

  • Performance enhancement- This area may include various techniques such as mental mindset techniques (imagery- my specialty), the benefits of journaling, and breathing exercises.

  • Sports nutrition- Understanding trends in foods, diets, food logging, and nutrient timing

  • Various terrains- The impacts of training on various surfaces: rocks, hills, grass, pavement, treadmills, and more.

  • Coaching methods- This area may include impact of mental mindset and physical performance based upon coaching techniques and trainers. 

What sets us aside from all the other websites that specialize in topics for runners is that we provide peer reviewed research- which presents a closer perspective among topics listed above and the accuracy of them. We do not provide material that is based upon personal belief, yet may provide material that we have organized from experience. As professionals in the sport industry, we aspire to create a positive impact in your journey as an athlete by providing accurate information and studies that are currently being performed. 

Image by Luke Stackpoole