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Looking back to my early years in education, I would often become so confused when I read something random- trying to understand the lingo, terminology, and just the process of what the message was conveying would throw me through loops!

Because my interests have stuck to the same discipline- sports science, I would read articles and follow social media accounts in the relative field of study. Subjects like: Sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports medicine were and still are the disciplines in which I specialize and have the most interest in. The problem would occur in my early years in education when I would try to learn among topics within these specialties that would have so much in-depth terminology, that I wouldn't understand what the message was conveying. Too much science and breakdown. I wanted to understand the process first, and then learn the terminology. In other words, I wanted to start at number 1, understand what it meant, what it was, why it worked that way... and then move into the how... and then the application... and the science of it. Today, there are different types of learners. There are individuals who are visual learners, those who must be in person, have examples in front of them, and be able to communicate with the professor when they are confused or have questions. And then there are those who learn remotely. They are okay at learning material that is not necessarily being presented to them in person, however they can watch videos and read diagrams and really teach oneself through a guided step-by-step process. Either way, professionals in various fields do not always teach. This process is left to those who teach as adjuncts, instructors, teachers, and professors in their discipline. I learned this process when obtaining a couple of adjunct certifications from a highly respected friend and colleague who is a wonderful educator and clinical psychologist. This is also why I went into education and am working hard to obtain my Ed.D. so I can be the best professor in my field of work. I chose to go the educational route so I can conduct research and teach in my areas of focus.

I always heard from others in my field, do not follow social media platforms for the purpose to gain knowledge or insight among topics that I was studying in school. The same goes for those who are obtaining higher education. It is never okay to conduct proper research from blog posts (personal opinions, like this) social media, and un-scholarly resources. Most often, I would read random posts that had a breakdown on a particular subject (How to lose weight by eating X,Y, and Z) but would break it down as though I was being taught in school. The problem occured when I was getting bits and pieces of information, not the entire picture.

For this reason, I found interest in developing my own classes and content that would start from first base and guide you through the procedure, by teaching process and application, mixed with the proper terminology and science. I found that this process has helped so many people understand and learn everything the correct way, rather than being misguided or confused from reading random blogs, social media posts and listening to others promote pieces of information.

So, today I decided to shoot a little video while I was working out and posted it to Instagram (excusing my messy workout look), encouraging other professionals to take this topic into consideration while engaging among topics that are in-depth for their followers to view.

Those professionals who are truly passionate in what they do, will not take offense to this process, yet I hope they will encourage others to do the same. When we teach among topics, professors and research scientists teach with a purpose and meaning that will correspondingly educate so the material is properly obtained. This same concept that we went through in college, should be encouraged and distributed the same way to those who aspire to learn material in our professions. 1 x 2 would not be taught to a child before knowing the number sequence (1,2,3,4...) because the process in learning order of numbers and operation must be learned first.

My hopes for this blog post is that we will guide people in the process that will aid in proper communication, understanding, and in-depth breakdown among topics being taught to those who aspire to gain insight and knowledge as we once did.

- Cheryl McCormick, M.S.S.

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