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Our Mission

Founded over 10 years ago, GP has been working with coaches and athletes across the world. Today, we are excited to be bringing forward sports science education, by providing you, our students with the ability to learn among topics like sports medicine, sports nutrition, and sports psychology. These are leading areas in sports and are vastly growing disciplines.

You might have begun to recognize our school colors across our website. The rich-deep-royal blue and the Nobel green, with a hint of crimson red, black and white, all define the depths of our foundation. Afterall, colors like these, enrich your palate, and truly make a lasting impression in your mind. That is our purpose: To make a lasting impression, not only through our school colors, but to educate you among topics that are incredibly important in sports science. 

Our goal is to offer all students at all ages the experience and opportunity to take affordable classes in a non-intimidating platform. We understand that for some, online learning is a new experience, meanwhile others might feel comfortable with it. We are here to make things as easy as possible and to bring fun back into learning. Aside from that, we are aware that the cost of school today, for continued education can be expensive, therefore we have designed classes that you can learn from, to gain job experience, increase your knowledge among areas in your current profession, develop skills and techniques that you can immediately apply, without the high costs from outside professionals, and much more! 

“With our self-paced online classes and content that individuals can access, our goal is to provide content that can be viewed and learned on a flexible schedule. Our online classes are ever-changing and are updated as science and new technology evolves. Our future goals are to bring on board the best minds to challenge and develop new content that will eventually be published in peer-reviewed journals and other publications that can be implemented into school districts across the U.S. We strive to change sport professionals with the mindset that traditional concepts still work, by asking oneself- Can we do it better?"

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