Cheryl McCormick
B.S.S. in Sports Science in Sports Studies
M.S.S. in Sports Science & Sports Medicine w/emphasis in Sports Psychology


Hello to all of our AWESOME subscribers! We have designed this free content as a token of our appreciation for you! For all of you who have been following along, and to those coaches, athletes, parents, and sport professionals, we hope these 3 free techniques will help you alleviate stress among yourself and your athletes! 

What is in this Free-Bee? We have included a 45 minute recording from Coach McCormick that goes through the free content, which provides insight of how to implement stress reduction techniques. 

What is the Free-Bee About? We offered 3 free stress reduction techniques to help you assist your athletes or for your personal growth! It is great content that can jump-start your Fall and Winter seasons- Whether you are in school, a coach, an athlete, sport professional, or have nothing to do with sports, this Free-Bee can direct you towards a healthier mental state and prep you to get started with our online classes that will go further into depth, this Fall! And the cool thing is, it's FREE!

Where do I get the Free-Bee? Click on the PDF file underneath the recording. It's that easy! All we ask, is that you subscribe to our website to stay up to date with our latest research! 

What is the Audio Recording For? The recording by Coach McCormick guides you through the PDF document. Make sure you have about 45 minutes available. Open your downloadable PDF and press play on our Soundcloud Player to follow along. 

Once again, thank you to our family of subscribers! Enjoy!