This section provides lectures on effective goal setting, planning, and development of different programs that assist you in a successful process.


This lecture hall is designed for ALL athletes. It will provide you with content that can better assist athlete's in mindset performance, team cohesion, and more!

Sports Nutrition

This lecture hall is designed for individuals who are interested in expanding one's knowledge among topics in nutrition for athletes and fitness goers. Lectures may include food pyramid, nutrient timing, nutrition logging, recipes, diets, and more!


This lecture hall will discuss everything about the mindset. These lectures are great for ALL individuals, regardless of current sports or fitness interest. Lectures will include growth mindset, fixed mindset, techniques, enhancement, mindfulness, and more!

Time to Grind

This lecture hall is designed for all individuals who are interested in fitness, weight-loss, military training, strength and conditioning, and more! This section is great for athletes, coaches, fitness goers, first responders, and all others who demand physical ability to perform in one's job, daily. 

Sports Science

This lecture hall will provide professionals interested in staying up to date with trending topics in sports science and sports studies!

Sports Coaching

This lecture hall provides sports coaches information on all topics relatable to sports, coaching ethics, developing coaching strategies, information for new coaches, continued education, and much more!

Sports Medicine

This lecture hall provides lectures among topics in sports medicine and is designed for professionals interested in continued education. Lectures will include topics on injury prevention training, rehabilitation measures, discussions about anatomy and physiology and much more!

Sports Psychology

This lecture hall is designed for professionals who work alongside team sports: sports and fitness related. Lectures will include topics in visualization and imagery techniques, breathing techniques, anxiety, stress, depression, and more!

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