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What is in The Lecture Hall?


No time for school, no problem! Our lectures are only 30 minutes - 1Hr. long. All lectures are great for athletes, parents of athletes, coaches, and more!


Choose from any section in The Lecture Hall to listen and watch videos! That is right! You don't have to be a coach to watch the videos! Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new! That is our goal.
Sections include: Coaches; Parents of Athletes; Goal Setting; Sports Science; Sports Nutrition, Fitness Goers; Sports Medicine; And More!


Our lectures are unique and keep you engaged. Each lecture is in a video format, either made with a white-board, or slide show. We've designed each lecture to be listened to or watched at your leisure. Driving to work and only have 30 minutes? Great! Listen on the way to work, then cover the other half on the way home! No watching while driving!


Some lectures are available for download in a PDF format. And, lectures that provide assessments, calendars, logs, and more, will be available for you to download to your desktop to use when needed! 

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What Are Some of the Topics Discussed?


- Nutrient timing and why it is important for athletes

- Sports nutrition 101

- Why food can help athletic performance


- Identify mental triggers in athletes
- Why breathing techniques are important 
- Clearing the mind when using imagery technique
- Mindset, and what it means for you, individually


- You are a great coach, make it count!
- Be there for your athletes, even when they don't need you!
- Grow your mental views on coaching
- Continued Education for Coaches


-How to be an ethical parent in sports
- What it takes to allow your athlete to grow
- Inside sports science
- Neuroscience
-Injury prevention training
-Understand rehabilitation



The Lecture Hall is a 1-Time up front purchase that gives you access to all lectures for 3 months! 

Yes! You read that correctly!

3 months!

Ready to continue learning?