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Hello Coach!

Welcome to your 1 month of FREE modules and audio recordings! During this process, I would like for you to put in the work. That means, listen or watch 1 module or audio recording per week. Each week, focus on the topic you listen to and see how you can apply it to your current practice, as a coach. Each topic might not be new to you, however, while working with me in and out of a sport season, there are plenty of new topics that not many coaches know much about. 

Audio Recordings  serve the purpose for instruction and motivation. They are great for the car ride to work or during your lunch break. They are structured to give you some "food for thought." 

Module Recordings however, are designed to provide you with education. This means, these videos should be watched when you have time to apply yourself without any distractions.


My goal is for you to develop personal and professional growth and to identify why I am passionate about working with you and all other coaches! I want you to see the difference from traditional continued education classes to inter personalized learning through my modules and audio recordings. I care about each of my coaches and their well-being, mentally and physically. This includes the well-being of YOUR immediate family- those back home who are supporting you and your entire sports team! I want you to enjoy learning bits of information that is tailored specifically for you to utilize during a sport season and in off-season. I will go further into detail later about that. For now, enjoy! I will follow up with you soon!

2 Audio Recordings

00:00 / 09:56
00:00 / 09:33

2 Modules

Module 1.8  (13 minutes)

Athlete Monitoring System

Module 1.7  (10 minutes)

Basic Biomarkers for Sport Performance

If You Are Interested in Working With Cheryl McCormick, Please Send a Message to Her

Thanks for your interest!

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