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The Owner and Professor

Cheryl McCormick, B.S.S., M.S.S.

“When I was a young girl, I was inspired by Olympians that were competing to be the best in their sport. I would imagine what it was like for these athletes: Standing among their competitors and wearing a gold medal around their necks being an inspiration to so many that aspire to one day be at that level of sport performance. The discipline, drive, motivation, and focus that athletes must have to compete against their opponents has always inspired me to understand how these athletes mentally and physically train their minds and bodies to perform at best. Growing up as an athlete of many sports, I recognized that athletes are not the only part of competition, it takes a team of sport professionals to assist the athlete and help them achieve maximal performance. Sport professionals like: Coaches, athletic trainers, sports nutritionist, a team of sports medicine professionals, sports scientists, and believe it or not, researchers who invest their time and dedication to enhance the world of sport. For an athlete to be their best, they must have a dedicated team of sport professionals motivating them and pushing them past mental and physical thresholds. “Cheryl McCormick has dedicated her life to the art of sports science. She is a mother of two beautiful boys and a wife to her husband that is in special forces. Cheryl has worked many years to develop Gravitational Performance and has been so grateful for the many professional contacts she has developed along the way. Cheryl obtained her B.S.S. in Sports Science and Sports Studies, and her M.S.S. in both Sports Science and Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Sports Psychology. She is currently pursuing her Ed.D. in Sports Management with an emphasis in Sports Medicine, and a specialization in Sports Marketing. Both, Cheryl, and her husband have attended traditional and online colleges and understand how demanding they both can be. When Cheryl obtained her online training certification for adjunct teaching, it taught her to understand and identify the process for new college students and continuing education adults that have never taken online classes, and how to ease them into the process, with the main focus being, communication. Due to the ever-changing world of technology and techniques in sports science, it is important for individuals pursuing a sport education, or continuing education in their specialty, to stay on top of the change, while being able to afford the costs of classes and materials, as well as dedicated time to apply towards education. Cheryl has developed Gravitational Performance to provide education for all her clients and potential students to learn efficient material that cuts out the information that is unnecessary within each discipline. Her team of professionals provide the research as content developers and establish digestible content that allows coaches, schools and sports faculty, athletes, and students to stay above the rest, without having to seek outside guidance from others. “With our self-paced online classes and content that individuals can access, our goal is to provide content that can be viewed and learned on a flexible schedule. Our online classes are ever-changing and are updated as science and new technology evolves. Our future goals are to bring on board the best minds to challenge and develop new content that will eventually be published in peer-reviewed journals and other publications that can be implemented into school districts across the U.S. We strive to change sport professionals with the mindset that traditional ways work,by asking oneself- can we do it better?"


For the Love of Sports, Education, and Research

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Gravitational Performance

School of Sports Science

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